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Voices Of Bluegrass,
Vol. 2

In 1976 the Voices Of Bluegrass released Vol 2.   There is a slightly different band line-up on this album than the first one.  Still some mighty fine music. Dick Smith played the banjo on some of this album, he went on to play banjo with Country Store and the Country Gentlemen.  


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Voices Of Bluegrass,
Hung Up On The Voices Of Bluegrass

Hung Up On The Voices Of Bluegrass was released in 1971.  I believe this group was from the Northern Pa - Southern Ny area.  

Mighty Fine!

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Larry Richardson & Happy Smith & The Blue Ridge Boys,
Bluegrass Classics

This is yet another one of those collections that is made up of rare unreleased 45 and 78 rpm records from the past.  This particular song is Larry Richardson, Happy Smith and the Blue Ridge Boys released on 78 rpm in 1952.  Heck that was before I was born.  Larry was a great banjo picker.

Several other groups in this collection were:

Dee Stone and His Melody Hillbillies
Bowers Brothers
Jimmy Renfro & His Memory Valley Boys
Jack Youngblood
McCormick Brothers
Kelly Brothers
Pee Wee Lambert & Curley Parker and the Pine Ridge Boys




Richard Brown Banjos - a true Texas Banjo

What a beauty 

Love the inlays.

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Chubby Wise,
Million Dollar Fiddle

In 1976 Chubby Wise released Million Dollar Fiddle.  

Chubby Wise, fiddle 

Paul Buskirk, guitar

Ronnie Rebstock, banjo 

Gene Meyers steel guitar

Steve Kellar, bass
Dana Smith, piano


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Clinton King & The Virginia Mountaineers,
Blue Ridge Bluegrass

In 1976 Clinton King and the Virginia Mountaineers released Blue Ridge Bluegrass.  This is some real traditional bluegrass.


Just in case you didn’t know - you can look for a clickable link at the bottom of my posts that will download the entire album.  You can also go to and search the archives. I hope you find something you like.


Btw, no big deal or anything, but I played a 1941 original five-string top tension Mastertone this week.

(Also I gently, reverently touched a Lloyd Loar F5 and then quickly backed away to a safe distance.)

I know Alan Bibey and have held his Loar, I’m with you on just a “touch will do”.  Those old top tension banjos are supposed to be another Holy Grail.  

I’d say it is a big deal.  Most people won’t even see one of these in their lifetime.

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Sally Mountain Show,
Holdin' Things Together

In 1986 the Sally Mountain Show released Holdin’ Things Together.  This was the family band that produced Rhonda Vincent and Darrin Vincent.


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Joe Meadows,
Portrait Of a Fiddler

In 1974 Joe Meadows released Portrait Of A Fiddler.  

Joe Meadows, fiddle
Wendy Miller, mandolin
Dave Evans, banjo
Art Wydner, bass
Larry Sparks, guitar
Ted Harley, guitar
Joe McKinney, guitar
Nolan Faulkner, mandolin
James Miller, guitar


It took over a year but I finally have over 300 followers.  Thanks everyone of you.

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Clyde Davenport,

In 1986 this recording came out of Clyde Davenport.  He was an old time fiddler from South Central Kentucky.  He was born in 1921.  Self tough on the banjo and fiddle.  He often repaired instruments and made home made fiddles out of any thing that he might be able to make music with.  

This is definately some mountain style fiddling at its best. 

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Robert Byrd,
Mountain Fiddler

In 1978 Robert Byrd released Mountain Fiddler.  

Robert Byrd, fiddle, vocal
Doyle Lawson, guitar
James Bailey, banjo
Spider Gillium, bass


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Crucial Smith,
Crucial Smith

In 1997 Crucial Smith released this self titled album.  This is driving bluegrass like you never heard from Bill Monroe.  I guess you’d call this new grass.  Most of their songs have none bluegrass topics.  No cabins, killings or love triangles with your relatives.  (just kidding)  Fresh sounds coming from banjo,  mandolin, bass and guitar.  


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