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Alan Munde is one of the all time greats on the banjo.  I want to give a plug to him for this album.  My copy is the original vinyl version but a digital cd copy is available from his web page.  If you are a banjo picker or an audible fan of banjo music, this album is a must.  I would call this one of my top 10 banjo albums of all time.  

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Lonesome River Band,
I Guess Heartaches Are In Style This Year

In 1985 the Lonesome River Band released I Guess Heartaches Are In Style This Year.  This was the first record for this now famous band known on the internet as LRB.  The name Billy Wheeler looked real familiar to me, so I searched my computer for his name.  He is on records with Leon Morris, Dave Vernon and the Dixie Rebels, Cliff Waldron, Charlie Moore and he put out his own record - North Virginia Blues.

Jerry McMillan, bass, vocal
Jeff Midkiff, mandolin, fiddle, vocal
Billy Wheeler, banjo, dobro, guitar
Tim Austin, guitar, vocal


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Lester Flatt,
Kentucky Ridgerunner

In 1972 Lester Flatt released Kentucky Ridgerunner.  I’ll bare my soul to you, I was never a fan of Lester’s vocal style of lagging the vocals. I always thought that it was strange that he had never done that when playing with Bill Monroe.   If you want the musicians to be on time, the vocalist should be too.  That being said he was one HECK of a writer.  And his contributions to the world of Bluegrass should never be forgotten.

Lester Flatt, leader and guitar
Jerry Carrigan, Jim Isbell and Ralph Galla, drums
Don Smith, Jr. Huskey and English P. Tullock, Jr., bass
Jerry Whitehurst, Hargu Robbins and Jerry Smith, piano
Burkett Graves, dobro 
Paul Warren, fiddle
Haskel McCormick and Victor Jordan, banjo
Roland White, mandolin
Howard Johnson, rhythm guitar
Dale Sellers, electric guitar


Lester Flatt

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Bill Harrell and the Virginians,
Blue Virginia Blue

In 1986 Bill Harrell and the Virginians released Blue Virginia Blue.  

Bill Harrell, guitar, vocal
Carl Nelson, fiddle, vocal
Darrell Sanders, banjo, vocal
Paul Adkins, mandolin, vocal
Ed Ferris, bass


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Wes Golding & Sure Fire,
River Of Teardrops

In 1986 Wes Golding and Sure Fire released River Of Teardrops.  Wes was the guitar player in Boone Creek with Ricky Skaggs, Terry Baucom, Jerry Douglas and Steve Spence.  

Wes Golding, guitar, vocal
Eric Ellis, Banjo, vocal
Wes Tuttle, mandolin
Trudy Golding, bass

Guest Musician
Jim Buchanan, fiddle



Gibson Guitars, 1909

I’d like to see a remake of this photo with guys dressed like todays musicians. Ron Stewart or Sam Bush with their shirt tails out or some of the funky hats guys wear.

(via retrofret)

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Tater Tate,
Hoe Down Vol 10

Back in 1972 this all fiddle album was released.   Boy what a nice bunch of pickers.  Make sure to let all you fiddle or violin playing friends know about this one.

01. (02:35) Tater Tate - Life In The Finland Woods
02. (01:13) Tater Tate - Katy Hill
03. (01:01) Tater Tate - Prosperity Special
04. (02:26) Tater Tate - Irene Waltz
05. (01:03) Tater Tate - Sally Goodin
06. (01:51) Tater Tate - Whistlin’ Rufus
07. (02:03) Dale Potter - Back Up And Push
08. (01:38) Dale Potter - La Raspa
09. (01:56) Dale Potter - Gallopin’ On The Fiddle
10. (01:25) Dale Potter - Dill Pickle Rag
11. (01:53) Dale Potter - Fiddle Patch
12. (01:13) Dale Potter - Corina
13. (01:44) Buck Ryan - Kentucky Runnin’ Dance
14. (01:19) Buck Ryan - Wonderin’
15. (02:02) Buck Ryan - Natural Bridge Blues
16. (01:26) Buck Ryan - Kingdom Coming
17. (01:50) Buck Ryan - Lee Highway
18. (01:44) Buck Ryan - Ryan’s Schottiche
19. (02:35) Vassar Clements - Black Hawk Waltz
20. (00:57) Vassar Clements - Fast Travelin’
21. (01:35) Vassar Clements - Columbus Rag
22. (01:36) Vassar Clements - Old Clem
23. (01:50) Vassar Clements - Mississippi Waltz
24. (01:32) Vassar Clements - Londonderry Air


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South Loomis Quickstep,
South Loomis Quickstep

In 1979 the South Loomis Quickstep released this vinyl record.  These guys have some energy to their music.  

Brian Cutler, guitar, vocal
Rob Bonner, bass, vocal
Ted Smith, mandolin, vocal
Alan Hendricks, banjo, 

Special guests:
Mark O’Connor, fiddle
Tiny Moore, fiddle


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Jim Hall , Bill Moore & The Kentuckins,
Streaking Sally

Well I’m breaking the mold and going with a novelty number.  I picked this strange album up while purchasing a batch of old vinyl, it may have been $5.00.  Strictly on the title!  Streaking was a fad during the 70’s, basiclly you take all your clothes off and run around in public.  Ray Stevens came out with a song called the Streak in 1974.  

This sounds like a bar band that wrote this for the owner or bar manager (the Circle H).  I can just imagine sitting around drinking and telling sorries of what they all did in the past and Sally slipped up and mentioned that she had streaked in her past.   The entire album sounds like it was recorded live in a bar.  There are not a single word of text on the back of the cover.  Make no mistake this is NOT bluegrass.


Bluegrass Husband and Wife

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Bluegrass Is Kinfolk

In 1976 the Kinfolk released - Bluegrass Is Kinfolk.  This is a nice driving tune from a little known group in the mid 70’s.

John Akin, mandolin
Andy Haak, banjo
Tommy Anderson, guitar
Dave Wiedenheft, bass
Nelson, Clark, dobro


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Grant Street String Band,
Grant Street String Band

In 1983 the Grant Street String Band released this self titled album.

Laurie Lewis, fiddle
Beth Weil, bass
Greg Townsend, guitar
Steve Krouse, banjo
Tom Bekeny, mandolin


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Charlie Moore,
Sings Good Bluegrass

In 1972 Charlie Moore Sings Good Bluegrass was released.  I love Charlie’s voice, he sings with such clarity and power.  

Charlie Moore, guitar
Henry Dockery, bass
Harry Jefferson, mandolin
Butch Robins, banjo
Paul Mullins, fiddle


Well when I started this column out I knew that bluegrass music was really a small group of fans.  It took a long time to top 300 followers and now we have topped 360.  Thanks to all who have spread the word about our tumble.  May God bless each and every one!  Now get out there and crank up the banjos, fiddles and mandolins!