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Second Edition
The Sounds Of The Second Edition
Grass Records LP - 10001

Louis Pyrtle, bass, vocal
Jimmy Haley, guitar, vocal
Jim Smith, guitar, vocal
Jeff Hooker, mandolin, vocal
Hersie McMillian, banjo

Two members of this band went on to play with Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver.  Released in 1973 this album features a mix of Pop songs and Bluegrass tunes.  The Beatles Norwegian Wood, You’ve got to hid your love away and I’ve Just Seen a Face are done with full bluegrass instrumentation. (dad gum good if I say so) Well done bluegrass tunes here are Little Bessie, Love Come Home, Charlie Lawson and Train 45. 

Since this is 40 years old and out of print.  If you click on the album cover you’ll be able to download and give a listen.

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